Disruption means rapid business growth.

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“Steven Bleistein disrupts all pre-conceived notions with his refreshing take on disruption!”

—Jean-Pierre Charriton, President, L’Oréal Japan

You point me to an audacious business strategy that led to rapid business growth, and I’ll show you an example of successful disruptive innovation. Yet disruption is about more than audacity and rapid growth. Disruption is charismatic. Disruptive businesses attract the best employees. Disruptive products and services seduce the most passionate customers. So if you want the best employees, passionate customers, and rapid growth for your business, then Charismatic Disruption is for you. This book is full of real-world examples of success and demonstrates practical methods and techniques you can apply immediately. Many business leaders have succeeded at disruptive innovation with charisma, and you can too!

Book available in paperback and eBook

“Charismatic Disruption is a fantastic read synthesizing Steven Bleistein’s vast experience in an engaging and accessible way."

—Stijn Vandervorst, President, Adidas Group Japan

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Dr. Steven Bleistein

Japan’s Top Expert on Rapid Business Growth

CEO and founder of Tokyo-based Relansa, Inc., Dr. Steven Bleistein, is the expert on rapid business growth in companies in Japan. Dr. Bleistein wrote the book—Rapid Organizational Change (Wiley, 2017). He helps CEOs achieve outstanding business results faster than they ever thought possible.

Fluent also in Japanese and French, Dr. Bleistein is one of those rare international experts who bridges Western and Japanese business thinking and has attracted clients such as Merck Biopharma, Danone, BMW, Maserati, AIG Group, AXA Direct, Michelin, L’Oréal, Cartier, Adidas, Corning, Lenovo, Godiva, and Kuehne+Nagel to name a few.

Dr. Bleistein has appeared on Bloomberg News for expert commentary on Japanese business issues and is a regular contributor to all three of Nikkei’s top business dailies in English and Japanese.

Dr. Bleistein serves as co-chair of the Independent Business Committee of the American Chamber of Commerce and is a benefactor-level member of the French Chamber of Commerce. He runs the ever-popular “Conversation With” series for both chambers of commerce. He leads an onstage discussion with a business leader guest, like the Japan CEOs of Chanel, LVMH, Unilever Seiyu-Walmart, Barilla, and others.

He holds a Ph.D. in computer science and an international MBA. He is an avid cyclist. Most mornings pre-dawn, you will find Dr. Bleistein on his road bike cycling up mountain passes and tearing down winding descents in the Tsukuba Mountain range close to his home—assuming you can catch up with him!

To know more about Dr. Bleistein’s expertise, business, and clients, visit www.relansa.co.jp. You will find videos of his TV news interviews, articles he has authored for Nikkei, mentions of him in the media, and many other free resources.

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“Charismatic Disruption is an insightful call to action for navigating the business environment amidst today’s volatility."

—Jerome Chouchan, CEO, Godiva Japan, South Korea, Australia/New Zealand and Manufacture Belge de Chocolats

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Book available in paperback and eBook